Gordon is a Moron

English professional football has a mix of talents in the game. But the consistent talent of Gordon Taylor to undermine both the profession and trade unions at same time is unique.

In Nick Davies’ book Hack Attack, the story behind the investigation into phone hacking, it was revealed Taylor took a big personal pay-off to keep hacking covered up, knowing that many of his clients were still victims, which he was happy to turn a blind eye to.

Now, in the position where he is representing a convicted rapist who has not yet served his time (still on licence as part of a five-year sentence) and has vilified his victim on his website while showing no regard for the law, Taylor is suddenly an aggressive defender of his clients, not just offering them advice, but undermining the game in the process.

In fact, it looks like the PFA have failed to give any decent advice, with their client, still out on bail, now being investigated by the Attorney-General for breach of contempt of court. In parallel they are undermining the wider game, encouraging clubs who have community commitments to employ someone still serving a sentence for a serious sexual offence with no genuine signs of repent.

Failing to offer proper advice to their client, damaging the profession in which exist and disregarding the wider good of society (as the PFA are doing with the complicit endorsement of their client’s behaviour) the PFA is acting in total contrast to how a Trade Union should act.

Alongside foolish sound bites from Steve Bruce and Lib Dem Spads, who also presume to know more than the combined forces of criminal justice, Taylor then compounded his incompetence by trying to equate his client’s case to the Hillsborough tragedy. It was true to his form, which has been typically awful over the years.

He showed is as just as out of touch with football as to when he aired his concern about the principle of a European Manager coming to Blackburn Rovers back in the nineties, when Sven Goran-Ericsson was offered the job, while it prompted others to give Jilted John’s Gordon is a Moron another listen.

Taylor is not fit to lead a trade union or publicly represent the game. It is down to his members to stand up and decide who they want to represent them.


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